January 10, 2010

Sample Menu offerings...

Menus are 100-percent client-driven. I developed my repertoire of cuisines and techniques in order to provide creative and diverse menus no matter what the dietary restriction. That said, I'm not a match for everyone, because I will want to make you eat healthfully! To that end, I've spent more time learning about Mediterranean cuisines than, say British Pub, or Southern US food preparations. 
Vegan? YES!
Gluten-free? YES!
Inflammation, Low-Carb, Alkaline... YES!

You let me know your needs, and I tailor your menu.

SERVICE: You may want me to provide a weekly selection of soups, or entrees for the entire week prepared and stored for simple heat-and-serve. 
Each client's needs, desires and budget are unique. We work together on a plan that suits you.

Here's just a sampling of menu items that clients have enjoyed:

Arugula with watermelon, feta, and pickled red onions with citrus 

Quinoa salad with creamy chick pea dressing, avocado, cucumber and mint

Jicama, orange and red onion with cilantro-lime dressing

Mexican "tabouli" with nutty bulgur, corn, poblanos, tomato, cilantro, parsley and mint

Meat Entrees

Pork loin in tomatillo sauce with seasonal fresh and dried fruits,  Green rice

Goat cheese, sage and lemon-stuffed chicken breasts over garlic-wilted chard w/ raisins and chili flakes

Tuscan-style roast chicken with creamy white bean and rosemary puree and broccoli-rabe

Braised pork shoulder with fennel and apricots, Whole wheat couscous with mint and fresh peas

Polenta lasagna with eggplant, spicy tomato sauce and herbed ricotta custard

Tunisian-spiced fish cakes with saffron and mint aioli

Roasted salmon on a bed of Moroccan-spiced lentils and carrots with spiced yogurt sauce

Lamb kibbe with Mezes: Roasted eggplant puree, Cauliflower and feta fritters

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