January 13, 2010

How it Works...

Are you bored of eating at restaurants where you never get quite what you want?

Do you have restrictions on your diet because of allergies, medications or health issues?

Do you prefer to enjoy meals while relaxing in the comfort of your home?

These are some of the main reasons clients invite me into their homes to do the cooking. I spend a day starting with doing the shopping, and ending with storing all the meals for the clients to enjoy at their convenience. All menus are accompanied by simple re-heating instructions.

When I tell people I am a Personal Chef, often they think that I cook exclusively for one very wealthy client. Not at all! I prepare meals for a variety of clients in their homes and the service I provide depends totally on their unique needs and desires. After an initial interview with my clients, I email them a menu proposal for their scheduled cook date and service type. Their favourite cuisines, ingredients and any dietary restrictions all determine the menu and recipes I will prepare.

Here are a few examples:
  • Standard service: 5 entrees of 4 servings each prepared once a week in the client's home. All the meals are stored either in fridge or freezer for handy re-heating. This service works well for a family who wants to cook for themselves just a couple of days a week (generally on the weekend when they have more time)
  • Any variation on the standard service! ie 3 entrees for 6 every 2 weeks, 4 entrees for 8 once a month... etc
  • A selection of soups or stews prepared in client's home, or delivered.
  • A few family meals and a couple of dishes for a group (ie: a large lasagne) for impromptu and easy casual dinners with a group of friends
  • An intimate dinner (2-10 guests)
  • Hors d'oeuvres for the freezer -be ready to entertain at a drop of a hat!
Visit "SAMPLE MENUS" entry to get an idea of the types of meals you would enjoy... My restaurant experience includes Tuscan, Thai and casual bistro style cooking, and my passions include Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian...(including vegetarian) so I offer a wide variety for every palate. I have cooked for individuals on low-sodium, lactose-free and other restricted diets and always opt for HEART HEALTHY!


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