April 5, 2012

Good Friday is now GREAT! Sopa Tarasca and Tostadas for All– $8 at The Depanneur

Lately, I've been keeping busy at The Depanneur. For those of you who don't know about "The Dep" yet, it's, as owner Len Senater puts it, "a place where interesting food things happen." Located on College Street near Dovercourt, you can get updates on happenings by subscribing to their newsletter here.

In the last 3 months, I have "hosted" three Supperclubs and two Drop-ins. Chefs and would-be chefs (not sure which I am) have total autonomy to be creative, so, of course I've been bringin' it with Mexican. From now on, I'll be more diligent in posting the menu and taking photos at the meals, but for now, I'll post my upcoming menu for tomorrow night, and past menus so you can get an idea. And if you want to be updated on my activities there or elsewhere, there's always the Twitter machine where I go by @holytamale

Él Menú  Good Friday, April 6

A bowl of Sopa Tarasca--a creamy pinto bean and roasted tomato soup with pasilla chiles, topped with crispy tortilla strips, flash fried ancho chile curls and a swirl of crema

PLUS your choice from 3 tostadas:

• Mixed Mushroom with Mojo de Ajo, beans and Chipotle Salsa
• White fish with Mojo de Ajo, roasted sweet corn,  green chiles, red onion, watercress and cilantro,
sliced radish, avocado, salsa verde and crema
• Pata de Res with avocado, salsa verde and crema

Seconds of anything are just $4!!


I first had Sopa Tarasca in Pátzcuaro,  Michoacán at a little family-run restaurant called, I believe "Fonda Lupita". It's a regional soup, and there are 2 styles, both documented by Diana Kennedy: one with beans, one without (making it, more or less, a tortilla soup). I had the version with beans, and so love the creamy pintos with the crunchy bits that garnish the top.

As far as the tostadas, I like to please everyone, and it being Good Friday, I wanted to offer something for both the devout and the vegetarians. Then, to screw everyone up, I threw in the wild card: Pata de Res. I wrote about this in an earlier post, The Nasty Bits, and have been wanting to make it ever since. My first experiment having been a success, tasting just like my memory of it, I decided to see if I could convert some Torontonails (ok, this just slipped out- it's what an old college friend of mine used to muse residents of Toronto should be called, and here, it works so well...)

So, come to The Depanneur and check it out, hopefully on a night I am there. And to keep up with me, you can also visit my Facebook page which goes by this same name: Taste Your Freedom

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