July 29, 2011

A Recipe to Call My Own

I am proud to say I have (finally) made myself work through a recipe that I found in a book, modified, and have made enough times without referring to a recipe at all that I believe I can now call it my own. Aside from baking, I tend to go by experience and freely create–and even then it takes reminding myself of the time I was a bit too cocky when making an Angel Food Cake and ended up with something closer to a trivet.
As a result of my experimentations, I have probably a decent sized volume of recipes in my head... and as I get, uh, a little older, I realize it's time to get them down in writing before they evaporate ( like my keys did the other day)
So, prompted by Food52.com's weekly recipe challenge: "Your Best Chile Pepper Recipe." I wrote this one out the other day while making it, and photographed the steps. Hands down, this is my best chile pepper recipe. I hope you'll check it out, make it and tell me what you think. Click on the link to see the finished dish and the recipe. And if you love it, please comment!
Poblanos Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Greens 

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