October 23, 2010

What clients are saying...

"We have discovered Margaret Hefner, a delightful Canadian chef with a great interest in Mexican cuisine who will come to cook for you in your home. She first interviews you as to your food likes/dislikes etc, does the shopping, comes to your home and cooks, cleans up leaving you with the most delicious dinner, plus portions for freezing. We think she is an angel. We use her services on a bi-weekly basis as well as for dinner parties."

–Joy Levine
San Miguel de Allende

I highly recommend Margaret Hefner-Chef Hef. She's a delight to work with and makes entertaining a breeze. She made a special dish for me that I could simply heat up for company. It was more than ample and delicious. Treat yourself and give her a call!

–Margaret Hanes
San Miguel de Allende

"...we really enjoyed the goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts last night and the ratatouille pie with the polenta topping is fantastic!....My other favorite was the linguini with brussel sprouts and pecorino cheese.
Thanks again, Margaret.....You´re making a real difference!"

–Terry Baldwin
San Miguel de Allende

For me, it seems like when I finish one dish that is really good I am sad to see it go... then turn to another dish and it is WOW as well... you are doing a great job with the flavors and textures.

–Winton Churchill
San Miguel de Allende

Thanks to you, the party went well and the hors d’oeuvres were well received. I have requests for the recipes for the pinwheels, mushroom caps and the roasted red pepper dip, if you are willing to share.

–Joan and Gregg Gordon,
Ontario, Canada

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